Weekend Without Makeup

Blackberry Wine began life as the diary of musician/writer Rachel Queen. Rachel writes both stories and songs about the things that happen to her and the things that don’t.

Rachel’s brain is full of what ifs and maybes. Rachel prefers often fiction to reality and sometimes forgets and has written numerous short stories and songs.

She has released 2 EPs which were released on Cosy Den Recordings as well as a full length split CD which was released on Series Two Records.

Her full length debut Modern Living: A Survivor’s Handbook was released on Pony Proof Records in 2009. She is currently working on her second album which will be released soon.

In December 2012 Rachel recorded a Christmas song with her friends Cia Lång and Jonathan Howell who live Stockholm. From that point onwards Blackberry Wine stopped being a solo project.

Rachel Cia and Jonathan also play together under the band name “Are You Feverish Ian?“.

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