Weekend Without Makeup

The infinite night

The night is infinite
And the morning a vague hope
When the unforgiving darkness
Tightens the screws of regret

Spiraling mercilessly
Like a clockwork spider
It spins a web of metal fibres
Around its victim’s neck

The knots of lonely seconds
Twist double within aching guts.
Disillusioned hearts are helpless against
The dead army when it strikes

The Oragami Crane

An oragami crane took flight
on a warm wind in a silent room.
Sharp lines and crisp creases
ran up and down its patterned body
as it carried its cargo into the
dark open night.

Falling Apples

Apples fall from sunlit trees
onto long grass that soothes and sighs
They lie sweet round and bruised
and rotting from within.
Burnt butterflies dutifully dance.
A heavy wasp lands and stings
the purpleĀ orange leather disguise
that protects and betrays.