Hope Love and Confidence Rehabilitation


Family Support Services

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Family and couples therapies

Addiction is a disease that also affects the family environment, which does not understand what is happening. At Hope Love And Confidence Rehabilitation, we treat the patient and the family together to mitigate the damage and help understand how addiction alters emotionally and psychologically, creating a space of new trust between patient and family. A new space from which to start building a new life. Do we do it together?

Family mediation and counseling

The beginning of treatment is a time of doubts and some risks. It is usual that the patient resists receiving help, also that the family does not know how to communicate with him, how to help him take the step …

At Hope Love And Confidence Rehabilitation, we have an expert team to advise and mediate in these cases, helping the family and the patient to start their recovery process … and finish it successfully!