Hope Love and Confidence Rehabilitation


Medical services

With the medical services of Hope Love And Confidence Rehabilitation, you will feel all the care and attention you need 24 hours a day to find the way to your recovery.

Therapeutic equipment

Evaluate and diagnose addiction. Including dual pathologies and other pathologies that may interfere with recovery.

Medical equipment

It intervenes from the beginning of the detoxification, establishes the pharmacological treatment, and follows the evolution of the patient throughout the treatment.

Monitor team

Accompany the patient during most of the day in the different activities: sports, recreational, cultural …


It carries out the tasks of management, medication, cures, care, and observation of the patient 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Team of University Graduates in Nursing (DUE) responsible for the correct medical operation of the center.

Therapeutic sports equipment

It accompanies the patient in the realization of different modalities of physical exercise. Toning, elasticity and flexibility work, coordination exercises for neurological activity, Pilates, and personalized workouts. The purpose is to release endorphins, pheromones, and dopamine to improve the mood.

Psychology team

Assists families by explaining the evolution of treatment and what methods and tools are applied to combat addiction.

Therapeutic Floor Monitors

Controls the evolution of the patient with daily visits, guiding and advising on any aspect related to rehabilitation.