Hope Love and Confidence Rehabilitation


Therapeutic Services

Lt. Mario Bencivenga, an occupational therapist at Naval Hospital  Jacksonville, applies a counterforce brace to the forearm of Lt. Cmdr.  Angela Powell during a check-up. - PICRYL Public Domain Search

Individual psychotherapy

At Hope Love And Confidence Rehabilitation, the individual psychotherapy service helps to treat problems caused by consumption and withdrawal in an intimate and confidential way for the patient.

Group therapies

It helps the patient to identify with the members of the group, resolving conflicts and promoting behavioral, cognitive, and systemic changes in their lifestyle.

Follow-up and reintegration

When patients finish the admission phase, at Hope Love And Confidence Rehabilitation we continue to be by their side, accompanying them throughout the recovery process and helping them grow, with a weekly follow-up, also extending to their family.

Day center

We offer the possibility of treatment to stop addictions without admission with the Day Center service.

Therapeutic floors

In Hope Love And Confidence Rehabilitation, the therapeutic floors are an important part of the treatment: after the detoxification treatment and drug addiction, the patient resides on the floor for the time necessary to relearn to have a routine and a life free of substance use.

Patients are in permanent contact with the Hope Love And Confidence Rehabilitation team of doctors and therapists at all times, who monitor their progress with daily visits to each of the floors, guiding and advising them on any aspect related to their rehabilitation.

The location of the floors is confidential so that patients have the privacy they need to start on their way again.